World: Byzantium by Viviana


world music, ladino music, ethno-techno, hooka lounge, electronica

This album was started in Budapest, compiled in Istanbul and finished on Easter Island. This album fuses classical, world music and electronic beats to create a sound that is cinematic and soundtrack quality. The album is Down Tempo Techno Tribal, where R. Carlos Nakai meets Enya.


Song Titles:

7th Veil (remix Ladino Express) 3:13

Native Soul 3:12

Byzantium 3:56

Ditze Diva 3:52

Sultan’s Daughter 2:55


Songwriter for all songs:  Viviana Guzman
Publisher:  Syren Records
Producer:  Viviana Guzman
©Syren Productions :: ::

Viviana Guzman - Telemann Flute Fantasies

Meditations for Performers

Meditation for PerformersGuided Meditations and Affirmations specifically designed for performers.

Do you experience Stage Fright before or during a performance? Are you avoiding getting on stage because fear overcomes you? This guided audio meditation will help you build your self esteem during live concerts or presentation. You will be guided to relax and take the necessary steps to envision in your mind’s eye your performance date. The guided meditation track should not be listened to while driving. The affirmation tracks are a series of constructive statements to develop and affirm self-respect which may be listened to at any time.

Meditation for Performers

Guided Meditation and Affirmations

Viviana Guzman

Track 1 – Meditation for Performers 15:23

Track 2 – Affirming Confidence 15:07

Track 3 – I  Am Positive Affirmations 11:52

Described by the New York Times as “an imaginative artist,” Chilean-born flutist, Viviana Guzman is an International Touring Flutist who has performed in 122 countries.  Her most recent classical recording “Traveling Sonata” received a Grammy Nomination.  Born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia, Viviana was told she would never be able to walk.  Not only has she has overcome this major obstacle in her life but also she is determined to guide others in overcoming their challenges.  Another hindrance that stemmed from growing up in body casts and wheelchairs, was her overwhelming insecurity and painful fear of the stage as a young adult.  These challenges were embraced gracefully, and now she provides guidance for others to overcome their fear of performing via meditations and affirmations.  “Parallel to when we play incorrect notes in a musical phrase, and the correct patters have to be exercised with massive repetition, we must use this same system to re-train our brains to think positive thoughts.  This is the way of ensuring that the words we use are in alinement with our higher selves,” says Viviana.  These powerful meditations and affirmations are recommended to be used before going to sleep or during the day in a peaceful room at home or outside in nature.  WARNING:  Do not play this CD while driving.

©Viviana Guzman 2014 • Syren Records 10440 •
P.O. Box 625, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Viviana Guzman - Telemann Flute Fantasies

Classical: Traveling Sonata

Traveling coverGRAMMY NOMINATED ABLUM!  Featuring guitarist Jeremy Jouve, this CD features European music for flute and guitar.  Recorded with the Grammy winning engineer Keith O. Johnson for Reference Recordings at Skywalker Sound Studios.


An adventurous program of European masterworks for flute and guitar, from scintillating young artists VIVIANA GUZMÁN and JEREMY JOUVE. Their outstanding performances have been captured brilliantly by Grammy®-winning recording engineer Keith O. Johnson. A winner for all audiophiles and music lovers! This album is a musical journey full of emotion, from the soothing and mellow music of Faure and Satie to the driving excitement of “Bolero” and “Carmen,” to the thrilling modern music of Dyens, Duplessy and Ourkouzounov

“Chilean-born flutist Viviana Guzman and French guitarist Jeremy Jouve present a rewarding disc, full of beautiful music, performed with care and affection. The programme combines a few transcriptions of classical pieces with new works that are attractive and merit attention… The recording quality is very good, setting a good balance between the two instruments and catching their voices clearly.” –Oleg Ledeniov,

“The first six tracks present some of the best-loved works from France…The artistry of Guzman and Jouve are palpable and a delight to experience…While the well-known tracks are very pleasing, I found the newer works for flute and guitar especially exciting.” –Tess Miller, Flutist Quarterly


Traveling Back

Viviana Guzman - Telemann Flute Fantasies

Classical: Telemann Fantasies

A refreshing performance of Telemann’s classic work for flute solo.

“Especially fine playing by flutist Viviana Guzman.” The Aspen Times








Viviana Guzman - Telemann Flute Fantasies

World: Argentine Music


Original and arranged Argentinean music performed on flute and guitar.

“It is a fortuitous meeting of two incredibly gifted instrumentalists.” Tobias Fischer


Viviana Guzman

World: Meditations for flute

Calming, soothing flute and Native American Indian flute music capturing the spiritual and meditative qualities of life.

“Guzman may be the first flutist since her teachers, Jean-Pierre Rampal and James Galway, to be able to establish a sustaining solo career.” San Mateo Times

Viviana Guzman - Meditations for Flute

buynow_btn_greenViviana Guzman - Meditations for Flute

Tango: Mostly Tango Live

Mostly Tango is colorful and romantic!

“Guzman on flute stretches the soul and never leaves the memory.” Pacifica Tribune

Viviana Guzman - Mostly Tango Live

buynow_btn_greenViviana Guzman - Mostly Tango Live

World: Danza de Amor

From the fiery Rhumbas of Spain to the sultry Afro-Cuban rhythms of the Caribbean, Danza de Amor will take you on a passionate journey throughout exotic world cultures.

“An extraordinary technique and great musicality.” El Mercurio, Santiago Chile

buynow_btn_greenFestival of Four - Danza de Amor

World: National Geographic Serenity

Serenity – Songs of Peace and Enlightenment – Sounds have always been integral to reaching serenity and inner peace.  Serenity includes traditional and non-traditional songs from cultures with an array of meditative philosophies, from Chile to Japan to Spain and beyond.

buynow_btn_greenViviana Guzman - National Geographic: Serenity - Songs of Peace and Enlightenment

World: Planet Flute

A colorful and exotic world music experience.

“Planet Flute’s unique blend of 
instrumentation and styles should 
delight World and New Age music 
fans alike.” Crossroads Magazine

Viviana Guzman - Planet Flute

buynow_btn_greenViviana Guzman - Planet Flute