Your Birthday

Sand Kisses photo by Viviana Guzman


It was a brisk bright spring day

as we headed for a quiet spot near our ocean,

surrounded by mustard, 

you crunched your chips

and I devoured my lettuce.

After satisfying the hunger,

I made my nest next to you

and curled up under the warm sun

with you as my blanket of protection.

Your infinite eyes were eager to move

so we continued to the natural bridges

where the butterflies danced in the wind.

 We swirled through the spellbinding forests,

darted across mountain tops,

with the wind in our faces, smiling, dreaming,

frolicking through exceptional vistas.

It was our day…

Your day…

then again,

every day

is an enchanting day…

as long as it is a day

that includes

y  o  u 


by Viviana Guzman


"Full Moon in Venice" photography by Viviana

Black tears stream down my face
as I type these words of longing,

the glow of your smile
permeates my every cell.

As I look into the distance
for your fading image,

I wonder, how could we have
missed each other?

Like two owls
passing in the night,
the longing was mutual

but at different times,

what irony, what sorrow,
what bittersweet pain.

Thoughts of you are un-erase-able,
the longing, impenetrable.

We both stand inexplicably
drawn to each other,

thirsting for the other,
and then turn and walk

the separate path…

-From “Love Soliloquies” by Viviana Guzman

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Siempre Muy Presente

Here is the caption

photo by Viviana Guzman

Fue un día maravillóso
con tigo en mí alma.
mandandote mares de besos,
vientos de cariño,
y pidiendo fuegos lentos para calentar
tu hermoso corazón.

Te tengo siempre muy presente,
siénto que estamos unídos,
y en mi alma vivímos bailándo sobre la vída.

Las palábras que me escríbes son las mías.
Parece que mis pensamiéntos son los tuyos.
Y si es asi, Amor,
quiéro que sepas que al lado tuyo,
aunque no me ves,
respiro yo.

Apareces en todas las olas del mar
y les pido que te susurran suavecito…
Es hora de reunírnos
en los sueños de la noche mortal.
Con las Estrellas van mis besos para tí,
y con la Luna llena, mi corazón.
desde mí mar eterno al tuyo…

Viviana Guzmán